Driving around Oahu - Monkey Mike's, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, & Dole Plantation :) Hawaii: Part 4 out of 6

Hawaii: Part 4 out of 6
Beautiful beaches!  I love it!

Shrimp Truck #1: Monkey Mike's "So Nommy!!!"

They gave us a whole chicken because we had to wait a bit longer!  So delicious and so much food!

OMG!!! So buttery and yummy!  Everything was AMAZING!  Looking at this is making me want some...

Driving around Oahu!  Look at those waves! I could probably stare at them all day!

I'm certain I saw an ad with this background but on the beach!

More waves...beautiful!
#1 North Shore Tacos: Apparently they are!  

The verdict?  They're good.  But I feel like I've had better! But still good!
More driving with random stops!  So beautiful... 
Shrimp Truck #2: Giovanni's Shrimp Truck!

So yummy!!! Garlic filled and super nice!  Loved it!
Nothing too original but I always love fresh corn! 
More driving around Oahu... it only took us less than 2 hours to drive around!  The island is not so small when there ar e highways.  I love that!

Driving on the highways and going whenever the road took us!  We had no maps at all.

I love the rainbow!  I want one!
We quickly rushed into the Dole Plantation to get pineapple ice-cream!
Rainbow Trees!  Yes, they are real!!!! Found at the Dole Plantation parking lot!

I remember wanting to find one in Hawaii.  I intuitively had a feeling or thought about trees and while we were walking towards our car, I spotted one! I was so happy! I enhanced the colours a bit so that you can see! 

Red Pineapple!

Awww, pineapples growing! So cute!


Finally, pineapple ice cream!  So good! 

At the Dole Plantation, you can also pick a fresh oyster and see what kind of pearl you can find!
I found a black pearl!  It's meant to represent 'wisdom' and it's rare to get one.  Yay!  But it cost me $10 and they tried to convince me to buy a setting.  Watch out, if you pick a oyster, you have to buy the pearl!


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