Lots of Food & Hawaii Beach Time! Hawaii: Part 5 out of 6

Hawaii: Part 5 out of 6

High above in the sky!  I loved the colours! :) The sun was starting to set.

Loving the big hats!  

Wanted to get one but realized I probably wouldn't wear it much.  Oh well!

First day of Hawaii... we got hungry fast!

Went on Yelp for the cheapest and most rated place to eat and we found a korean place near our place!  YUMMY!!! 
We made it to the beach!!! 
Waikiki Beach!

Chilling by the beach... :)

Just a picture of us!

Another picture of us!  Realized false lashes don't work by the beach!  Darn!

So nice!!! Miss it!

Camwhoring #1!

Camwhoring #2! <3

Had to get Hawaiian Shaved Ice!  YUMMY!!!

So hot! So yum!


We went to this market several times throughout our trip!  Lots of things to buy but I didn't take any pictures!
Definitely worth a visit.  You can haggle!

Fresh Tuna Poke at the market! Yummy!

Corn & BBQ beef! Yummers!

Fresh pineapple straight from the farms! <3

We tried several 'Musabi' which is a Hawaiian staple!  It's super easy to make.  I thought it was okay wouldn't of mind it if there were less rice!  :) 


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