Charmaine's Luau, The Yard House, Eggs n' Thing - Waikiki :) Hawaii: Part 3 out of 6

Hawaii: Part 3 out of 6

On our way to Charmaine's Luau!  We took a tour bus there and had an amazing host!
He was hilarious and made it fun!

Our ticket to get in!

Lots of families!  Everyone got a small shell necklace!  That was nice!

I love palm trees!

Us at our table!  We had a table full of families and little kids! They were so cute!

Lining up for food! It was a buffet. 

Here's what we got!  The food was okay and edible!  I really liked the lualua which is the pork.  Not too sure about the poi which is the purple taro condiment as it was incredibly salty? But overall, I enjoyed the meal!

Loving this view!  Made it so festive!
Went to the 'Yard House' Restaurant.  Apparently, it's an internationally chained restaurant! But they don't have one in Vancouver though.  
Making faces while waiting.  We waited for an hour or more!

Yummy pizza!!! :) 

Finally all our food came!  We were hungry! 

<3 <3 <3 That was fun! 

Eggs 'n Things: busy everyday!  Line ups start around 6am.  Honestly, I don't get all the fuss!  I don't meant to be negative but I've had better breakfasts.  I'm probably completely spoiled by Vancouver food. :)  Well, hunnie loved it!

Busy busy!

Pancake with lots of whipped cream!  Looks good and tastes good!  I mean, it's exactly what you see. 

Omelet with Hash Browns!  Pretty good!

'Alooohaaaa!' Loved the Hang Loose hand signals... Which reminds me of Shaka Tours at Waikiki!  Check them out.  They are run by two guys Mike & Daryl and they're totally cool guys.  Well, especially Mike! He's very friendly.  


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