Trolly Buses, Japanese Food Court, Fresh Made Udon, & Leonard's Masaladas @ Waikiki, Hawaii Part 2 out of 6

Hawaii: Part 2 out of 6

Some shopping!  One of which is something from 'Kate Spade!'  Thanks hunnie! <3

Walking along Waikiki Beach.  We see this everyday! :) 

Trolly Buses!  $2 each way! Loved how open it is.  Every driver can speak Japanese!   
Hunnie riding on the trolly bus!

Got some chocolate covered strawberries! Yummy! <3

Shirokiya! Lots of food inside this food court at Ala Moana Mall!
By the way, Ala Moana is huge!!! We got so tired walking around.  

Freshly made!!!

Was so hungry I forgot to take pictures!  Here's what we got after our first round of food!

We made it to Marukame Udon!  Highly recommended on Yelp and we can see why!  It's fresh, cheap, and delicious!  It's served cafeteria style, meaning you get to choose and grab what you want!  They are sure efficient! 

Freshly made udon noodles!

OMG! Delicious!  

Love Natural Foods!  A bit more expensive but so worth it!

OMG!  Felt so healthy and tasted so yummy! I loved it!  
I had heard a bit aout Leonard's Malasadas and since we were not in proximity to the truck, we found them at 'Food Pantry'.  Apparently, they deliver every couple of hours! 

Sugar coated, crispy outside and soft inside!  

I really wanted 'shaved ice' everyday!  That probably drove hunnie crazy but this place kept closing when we went!  

We got a green tea matcha shaved ice with red bean, condensed milk and mochi.  It was yum!
But I realized we have a couple of places in Vancouver that have.  Oh well, I still loved it!


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