Everywhere around Honolulu :) Hawaii: Part 1 out of 6

Hawaii: Part 1 out of 6

We had a blast!  I feel so blessed to be able to go on this trip.  It was amazing and I got to spend it with my best friend!  I did not hold back on trying all the food that I wanted to try.  Let's face it.  I'm a food junkie.  I love trying food!  I also love traveling and Hawaii was a dream place to go to.  We didn't stay at a fancy hotel that we had planned to and instead we rented a vacation home at half the cost to save some money!  The place we stayed at was 2 short blocks away from Waikiki Beach.  What a steal! We got a chance to mingle with the locals a bit and the building that we stayed at  was filled with people from many different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities!  
Let's just say it always kept us intrigued and laughing!  

Next time I come back, I want to visit the other islands.  

It would be a dream of mine to take my whole family here one day! I think they would love it!

Silly us!!! :) Love you!

Look at this view of Waikiki Beach that we took!  Love it!
I loved these flowers! They're my favourite!  

Having breakfast with a beautiful view! @ Lulu's Waikiki


Eggs Benedict with Crab Meat!  Delicious!

Yummy authentic Japanese Ramen place! 'Ramen Nakamura @ Waikiki'


Omg "Ox Tail" Ramen! So good! Tastes so healthy too!

Side dishes... so much food!

Snorkelling at Hanuama Bay! But didn't take many pictures.  FYI: If you do go here it will cost you $ to snorkel.  We went with a group which was cheaper because we got a ride there and we got snorkel gear.  If you go there on your own and without snorkel gear, it will cost more to snorkel.  This place is awesome!  The fishes swim right up to the moment you move 1-2 meters into the water! 

Snorkel time at Hanauma Bay! Hunnie is excited!

On top of a hill/mountain!  So beautiful but extremely windy!


Beautiful view!  Love the color of the water!

Attempting to take a picture!

On the streets of Waikiki Ave!
Night time at Honolulu! :) 


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