Seven Years Anniversary! < 3 - Day Two

On our second day and last day we left early and decided to rent a scooter and ride around the seawall called 'Scenic Drive.'  It was really nice and fun!  Then we went to Red Fish Blue Fish and it was so amazing!!! The best fish and chips I've ever had!  Everything else was so yummy too!
Btw, I also acquired a very neat picnic basket at a thrift shop! I have always wanted a picnic basket in which someone ah hem*** owes me one! So hopefully a nice picnic by the beach with cool drinks and flower will come my way this summer! =)

Us on a scooter! My first time! It was so much fun! 

Hun being silly! lol He was so happy that I agreed to scooter with him!

We found a bunch of tall grasses and I wanted a picture with them! It was so windy that day!

Camwhoring with tall grass! <3 

We drove to Odgen Point and walked on this long and thin road!  Very cool but soo windy that day!

Our hands! I have small and he has big hands! lol 


Very long line up... maybe it was about 15 minutes?  But so worth it!

I wanted to try everything! tacones!!!

Pacific Clam Chowder!  We love it!  It has a coconut milk taste and all the seafood with veggies is yummies!


Albacore Tuna Fish Tacones - OMG! SOOOO YUMMY!!!

I am hungry good!

Ofcourse...these two are omg so amazing!!! 

The "Cod" Dog or the "Red Dog" (tempura cod) with Belly Bacon (Smoked Albacore Tuna) - sooooooo juicy and good! 

The famous "Wild Pacific Fish and Chips" - soooo good!  Can do without the fries but the fish and chips is perfectly crispy and light on the outside and the Halibut is tender and juicy on the inside!

So much yummy food! 

Our last photo while waiting to get onto the ferry to go home!
Overall it was such a fun two day trip!  <3 <3 <3 Thanks for everything hunnie! Love you!


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