Seven Years Anniversary! < 3 - Day One

Yesterday was my boyfriend and I's seven year anniversary so we decided to go to Victoria for a night to celebrate!  I fell in love with Victoria the last time I went with my family and I wanted to show him around!  We had so much fun as it was very chill and relaxing.  We practically ate the whole two days!

White Heather Tea House!  His first time!!! So yums!

Yum... I just wanted to eat those scones!!!
Walking around the seawall! It was a nice day!

Camwhoring...yes I made him! lol 

More Camewhore...mwahaha...<3
Now we are Hernandez!  Soo yummy cheap and fresh tacos!

LOL we got a card that says "la mano" and we exchange it for our food when they call it out!

SOOO GOOODDDD!!! 5 tacos for $5.00! This was a cheap meal thus it was our snack! 

Hmm...this was the best one! Canadian beef with a spicy kick! Love it!

Yummy chicken tacos! I love how the tacos are made right after we order!
We then drove to the mall and got small cooling drinks! So small...!

All the desserts we took home from High Tea earlier that day and so yummy red velvet cupcakes and a cheesecake cupcake!

Later on that night we went to Cactus Club for dinner!

<3 Drunkie's been a long day! We had to catch the ferry at 7am!

For appies, we ordered some Korean BBQ lettuce wraps that was really yummy!  The beef was sooo tender!


This was like a meal in itself!!!

Yums! My it!

His order! A very juicy mushroom burger with yam fries.  Tasted so good!

A Chinatown telephone booth! lol 

A Chinatown garbage can? (As requested by bf to post! hehe)
Some bubbly drinks to celebrate! :) I totally passed out from all the walking and eating!


  1. i loveeeee this post! seriously my heart feels like it's gonna burst haha.

    you are SO pretty! i LOVE how you do your makeup it's so fresh faced and yet so pretty and sweet at the same time.

    you and your bf are SO cute together :) this is seriously my kind of anniversary. food.. and more food hahah!

  2. @Lisa

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you hun! You are so sweet!!! Yes, we ate a lot of food... I'm still full!

    LOL I wish I was fresh faced everyday but yea you're too nice! <3