Short road trip to Banff with family! :)

It's been so long! :) Hello everyone! <3 I hope everyone is doing well! 

- - - 

I recently went to Banff in Calgary with various surrounding pit stops and lakes with my family.  
It was great!  It's always nice to get away.  Here are some pictures I particularly like!  

On the tour bus!  I forgot how long tour bus rides can be... 
Emerald Lake!
A favourite... It's Lake Emerald!  It's so beautiful there. 
We were early and there was still snow on the lake so it's closed!  Cute!
The air is so fresh.  We are just surrounded by mountains! 
Look at the water! It's emerald green!
We made it to the Columbia Icefield Glaciers.  It's so nice up here and amazing!  Although it was snowing quite a bit and extremely windy, my mom and I had a great time!  I totally didn't realize that we were going to be standing in the icefields and walking around so I didn't bring a warm coat.  Thank goodness my mom brought a extra winter jacket!
We also helped ourselves out to some glacier waters on the ground.  Apparently, they have magical healing properties and the minerals are in the water are extra good for your skin! 
On our way back down the glaciers, a family of mountain goats greeted us!  They are so cute!
So cute!!!!
Bow River! 
Those rocks down there are called Hoodoo... magical rocks! 
Up up up and away to the mountains! 
Up on top of a huge mountain!!! Overlooking everything.  It was snowy and foggy and breadth taking!
So beautiful... It's hard to capture in picture. 
Incredibly foggy.  That's my mom!  Haha... memories. 
Lake Louise!  I was so looking forward to this!  It's so beautiful here!  
Beautiful water...
Walking along Lake Louise and enjoying view!
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise overlooking the lake!  It would be awesome to stay there at another time! So elegant inside. 
Lake Louise! Beautiful! 
Another view of it...  so calming. 

I'll be heading to Honolulu, Hawaii next week!  
It will be my 8th year anniversary with my boyfriend.  
I am so excited because I've never been to Hawaii!!!  
I'll definitely be updating then.

Take care!  <3


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