Family Weekend Trip to Victoria!

 All my pictures that I took are on my other laptop but unfortunately it went wacko and I could not retrieve any of the files! :*( Super sad... So I am posting my mom's pictures instead! We went on a mini family trip to Victoria, B.C.  We were so lucky because we had great weather the entire time we were there even though it was suppose to rain the entire time!  I never knew there was so much to see in downtown Victoria!  We walked everywhere! Aha... here are some main highlights!  If I ever do retrieve my files I will update with what are some of the things that I saw! =) 

Ooohhh a big castle in a regular neighbourhood area!

OMG 5 tacos for $5 bucks made with fresh ingredients! So delish and so yummy! Someone already ate one here haha!

I have been anticipating for high tea since I heard this place was so good "White Heather Tea Room"... see my excitement?! 

Here it is!  The Muckleberry for Two High Tea! OMG! So delicious... I took home 1/3 of it full.

Everything is sooo goodddddd!  I am coming back everytime I visit Victoria!

OMG so good...droolin' right now! Scones are my favourite with the sauces...(not pictured here!)
I love vintage gold flowery looking teacups! Had to cam-whore it a bit! 

Me and my little bro! He's in Japan now! I miss him. =) 

What is this? Am I in Harry Potter Land? 16 1/2? 9 3/4?  J/K we're in downtown Chinatown in a little alley!


  1. love these pictures!! you look so pretty i swear you have the most flawless skin ever!! tell me what foundation you use please!! omgosh your high tea looks SO good i'm so jealous.. i love high tea so much hahaha.

  2. @Lisa hii lisa!!! so are you!!! you always have a glowy dewy pretty face and happy smile!!!

    hmm.. okay i'll try to remember what I used!

    I used Benefit's You Rebel Lite which is like a light tinted moisturizer but I think the SPF makes my skin a bit dewier? So I love that is has SPF. Then I put on Benefit's Posie Tint which I absolutely love as it looks really natural! It also looks really good on the lips as well! Then I use a bit of Benefit's High Beam to highlight the top of my cheeks, from my forehead to down my nose and straight down to my chin! So it's all an illusion! Oh I also cover up all my blemishes before I do all of these so hence is why my skin appears flawless but it's not!

    So it's a combo of all of these!!! Hope that helps! :*)

    I'll repost this on your blog incase you don't get it!